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Our Unique Mindful Egg Donors

At Mindful Fertility, we primarily focus on egg donors. We advertise extensively and search far and wide to find the best college-educated donors in the U.S. and Canada. We sift through thousands of applications and only accept 1 in 20 donors that apply.  We are just beginning to provide our egg donors with mindfulness education. Our hope is that our egg donors who practice mindfulness have healthier and more positive cycle outcomes.

Once you find the perfect egg donor, we connect you with a mindful cycle coordination services company that can manage your fertility cycle with ease. They will book travel for your donor, connect your donor with a fertility lawyer and help you manage your payments to her and other service providers through our anonymous financial processing system.

We also partner with a variety of other service providers in the third party reproductive industry. We can recommend IVF clinics that tend to me more mindful since our staff has had experience with over 100 of clinics across the country in the last 12 years. We can also recommend reproductive lawyers, psychologists and other providers.

Mindful Fertility Egg Donor Match Fees are $8,000

A $2,000 match services fee is due once your fertility clinic approves your Donor.
$6,000 is due once your legal paperwork with your Donor is complete.

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