Our Egg Donor Match Fees are $8,000

A $2,000 match services fee is due once your fertility clinic approves your egg donor.

$6,000 is due once your legal paperwork with your donor is complete.

If the cycle is cancelled for any reason, the $2,000 is applicable to any other donor in our database.

Once you find the ideal egg donor and she agrees to your match, your egg donation cycle coordinator will begin to manage all the logistics. Mindful Fertility does not offer egg donation cycle coordination services. We pour our attention into finding the best egg donors for you and completing your match.

We make a referral to a third party company where the owner has coordinated hundreds of egg donor cycles. She charges $800 for an out-of-town donor where travel coordination is required and $600 for an in-town donor.

Activities your donor coordinator will perform.

  1. Introduce both you and your egg donor to an attorney who specializes in third party reproduction. These are additional legal fees you must pay for yourself and the donor.
  2. Request the funds that are in accordance with your legal agreement with your egg donor. These funds include donor insurance, legal fees, travel expenses for your donor, your donor fee and any donor-related medical expenses outside of your IVF clinic. 
  3. Purchase egg donation complication insurance prior to the start of your donor cycle. You must verify this is in place or you are at risk of paying for any donor health-related expenses from complications, which could exceed $50,000.
  4. Book and pay for travel for your donor and a companion and send her per diem money prior to travel to cover her expenses during her trip. 
  5. Coordinate and pay for any lab work or office visits for your donor requested by your doctor. 
  6. Pay for and coordinate the delivery of prescription medicine to your donor. 
  7. Be available for logistical questions for your donor.
  8. Send payment to the donor of her fee upon her completion of the cycle.
  9. Send donor a note and gift from you anonymously.
  10. Follow up with the donor on the results of her donation.

All funds for your egg donor cycle must be on deposit in our Mindful Fertility Parent Bank Account so your donor coordinator can draw from these funds and pay for your donor expenses and fees anonymously. We keep careful accounting records and can provide to you upon request.