Mindfulness Programs
Fertility patients have higher rates of depression than cancer patients. Though your doctors might try to solve your physical issues, your emotional well-being will likely be overlooked - until now.

Mindful Fertility fills this gap with custom-designed Mindfulness Programs that can help you reduce your stress, sleep better, bring you more joy and improve your overall well-being.
We custom design a mindfulness program for you

Imagine a life where you can serenely sail the seas regardless of how rough they may become. Mindfulness is an excellent tool that can help you achieve a peaceful state of mind, which is proven by scientists to support your overall well-being.

We understand that everyone moves through life a little differently and copes with challenges in their own unique way. Fertility patients in general have high levels of stress and negative emotions. Chemically induced hormonal changes just add more fuel to the emotional fire and can negatively impact health.

We aim to ease the harm caused by the fertility process through mindfulness. We custom design a daily mindfulness program for you for 90 days that can contribute to an overall improvement in your well-being. We take into consideration the level of meditation experience you may have in addition to any other factors you would like to share that can help us design a program for you.

It is ideal to learn mindfulness stress reduction and calming skills before the miraculous arrival of your little angel. This way you can be as fully present and loving as possible during the early days of parenting.

Our Mindfulness Program includes daily guided audio meditations, audio recorded stories that can help you fall asleep easier, custom relaxing music that can reduce your stress and group mindfulness calls where you can ask questions and get specific feedback on your unique situation.

If you are an egg donor or surrogate matching client with Mindful Fertility, it is no additional charge and our gift to you. ($1,000 value per person)

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