Learn About Surrogacy
We at Mindful Fertility understand that hiring a gestational surrogate will be one of the most important decisions of your life.

Members of our staff have gone through the same process and are available to help you with a compassionate ear as you embark on this miraculous process.
Surrogacy is a miraculous journey.

At Mindful Fertility, it is our honor and blessing to serve as your trusted advisor to help you find a kind and compassionate woman to serve as your gestational surrogate.

The journey from matching with a surrogate to a potential birth requires careful planning and consideration. We connect you with a mindful surrogacy coordinator that can help you navigate through the logistical and emotional complexities during the year long process.

We also provide mindfulness programs to help you, your surrogate and your surrogacy coordinator sail through the process as easily as possible so your heart is full of calm, peace and love when baby arrives.

Ask us about the details and possibilities!

At Mindful Fertility, in addition to offering our parent matching services, we also invest in our gestational surrogates well-being by offering mindfulness programs that help her reduce stress, sleep better and find more joy in her your life.

A happy, peaceful and calm surrogate is what any prospective parent wants for their future child. Your baby’s early well-being can be affected by the overall health and well-being of your surrogate, so why not give her the gift of mindfulness so everyone benefits?

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